Ladies Group Attend Car Maintenance Talk at P.A. Blackburn

We recently hosted a local ladies’ group (LAFF), the theme was back to front  and a car maintenance talk, where we ran through the main vehicle maintenance tasks, such as how to change wiper blades, check and replace oil, water and coolant, changing a wheel, and other routine tasks.

The talk was well received and the ladies had coffee and mints, then dessert at the garage.  For the main course they all went back to the Queen’s Head in Finghall.

LAFF is a group related to the Ladies’ Circle and Tangent, which in turn are part of the Roundtable movement.

If you have a community group, team, club or society and you think your membership would enjoy or benefit from a straightforward talk such as this, feel free to contact us to discuss.

Pictures from the day

Dinner at the Queen's Head, Finghall
Dinner at the Queen’s Head, Finghall
Changing a Wheel
Changing a Wheel
Under the car
Under the car
Wendy Irvine and Judith Carlisle